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Our Team & Our Kitchen

Chef & Owner Vipul

I learned cooking from my mom. I started cooking as a hobby and do not remember when the hobby became a passion. But what I do remember is that every time I cooked, I got immense joy out of it. It was one thing I could do any time of the day or night. It was where I found my Zen! So, from being a nine-to-five-job guy, I switched gears to become a chef and founded Bala || Saahas.

Bala, in Hindi, means girl. It is also my mom’s name. Saahas translates into courage. The name Bala || Saahas embodies the courage and resilience of my mom as she fought cancer. It is also my tribute to the courage and strength that men and women and children and everyone all over the world that are fighting their battles display.

  Our Kitchen

We offer fully customizable menu. We specialize in a variety of cuisines-  including in North Indian, Italian and Mexican cuisines. What we believe sets us apart is our commitment in delivering authentic flavors regardless of cuisine. Exceeding the expectations of your palate is what we want to do every single day.

As private chefs, we can be hired to cater family meals and intimate events. We pool our resources to create awesome meals for medium to large size private and corporate events. Call us today to see what we can do for you.

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