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Homemade Hummus

Catering your dreams & making lifelong memories through our bold, courageous & an endless commitment to curate authentic flavors.

Quality Cuisine & Impeccable Service

Food for us is an emotion & our mission at Bala || Saahas, is to give our clients the greatest memory with every bite. We specialize in variety and have expertise in Indian, Italian and Mexican cuisines. Rooted in deep Indian culture and, with immense knowledge of and exposure to several traditional and contemporary flavors, our focus is on exceeding the expectations of your taste buds.

Whether you’re too busy to cook, want to throw a dinner party or the event of the century, we’ll make food that looks and tastes amazing. Find out how we can cater the meal or event of your dreams.

Our Why

Our core values revolve around our belief:  food is love and the singular language that breaks all boundaries. We believe that the love food spreads transcends any manmade boundaries and limitations. Our motto is to elevate unity among people, cultures and traditions. Delivering authentic food to people across cultures is our why.

Bala means “girl” in Hindi and more importantly it is my mom’s name. Saahas is a Hindi word that translates to “courage”. The name Bala || Saahas is not only limited to my mom because it embodies her courage and resilience in fighting and beating cancer, but it signifies and speaks of the courage and strength shown by women, men and everyone fighting this horrifying disease. Moreover, it signifies the courage to stand up against any adversities…personal or social.

Bala || Saahas is a name beyond any geographical boundary or any language barrier. And because food is the language of love, Bala || Saahas is born with a giant leap of faith.                                     

Food is Love||F*ck Cancer

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Image by Robert Mathews
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